Why Shaw?

We believe in our people. In our products. In our partnerships.

Thank you for making Shaw No. 1

You know what’s awesome? Being the best at what you do. That’s why we work so hard to create products that we’re proud of. And we’re honored to say that it’s paid off.

This year, Shaw was ranked No. 1 by Floor Covering News, Floor Covering Weekly and Floor Focus. That’s all three of the leading flooring publications. Wow! In one survey, dealers ranked Shaw and our carpet and hardwood products best in quality, service, support, price, availability, training and consumer preference. That’s a lot of bests.

And we’re not stopping any time soon. Innovations like LifeGuard™ waterproof products, R2X Stain Resistance and our commitment to Cradle to Cradle production are some of the things that keep consumers and retailers choosing Shaw first.

And it’s not just our products. The people at Shaw are the heart of our company. We work with dealers and the community to provide the best service and customer support and the superior quality that goes into every floor we make. Our dealers aren’t just clients. They’re friends, partners and, most important, they’re family.

Our products make Shaw a premier flooring company, but it’s our dealers and partners that keep Shaw No. 1. Our heart goes into every floor, every relationship and every home with a Shaw floor.

Every material. Every process. Every action. Designed for a better future. Guided by Cradle to Cradle, our approach to sustainability focuses on transparency, material health, material reutilization, efficient use of resources, and social responsibility. Shaw Industries 2015 Sustainability Report continues the company’s legacy of transparency through disclosure of key metrics.

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